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Customer Stories

Everyone's Got A Story - What's Yours?

Over the years we have heard story after story of how God has used books, music, gifts, and other products based on His word to help you live your faith in a practical way. We thought it was time to share these encouraging and often life-changing stories with our Blessings customer community.

  • Is there a book that has challenged your faith to grow deeper?
  • Has someone used a greeting card to encourage you?
  • Has music played a part in your spiritual growth?
  • Has any other particular product favourably impacted your family's life?

If so, please send us a brief account of how our products have helped transform your life or that of your family!

Click Here to send us your story.

Mom Approved
Recently I was introduced to Christian music I didn't know existed. How exciting it has been for my two daughters and I (ages 9 and 7) to make the switch from secular to Christian music. We now love to sing along with ZoeGirl, Plus One and Nicole C. Mullen as we sing praises, even while cleaning the house!

Tracy Patsack, Courtney (9), Morgan (7)

Since the passing of my son Jordan, I have struggled with the "guilt" of grieving too much, thinking that I should be "further along" in my faith. "Homesick" by Mercy Me, gave me "permission" to miss my son even though he is in a better place. Now I purchase their music for those who have recently lost a loved one!

Doreen Doucette

For Better or Worse
Frustrated, discouraged and angry, I threw away both of our wedding rings into the night! As I drove home crying, a radio ad for Love Must Be Tough by James Dobson, caught my attention. I immediately called Blessings and began reading it that night. Two months later, my husband and I were happily reconciled and in a divinely orchestrated turn of events we have had both wedding rings returned to us!

Patti and Hillary Polius

Changed Life
Since I was a child I knew that Christ had died for me and loved me, but when I read Questions of Life by Nicky Gumbel, my life changed! Now whenever I meet someone that shows an interest in my faith I tell them "they have got to get this book!"

Lucy Dabrowski

Ordinary Living
Often I find myself daydreaming of being influential and widely known. "Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places" has reminded me that my "mundane daily tasks" of work and parenting are the very activities that God uses to "create me" and "create through me!"

Jeanette Wiens-Peckham

Amazing Grace
I didn't understand the meaning of forgiveness until I read What's So Amazing About Grace? by Philip Yancey. Since then I have learned to let go of my hurts, I have been reunited with my family, and as I feel the need for "justice" and want to inflict pain on my offenders, I am learning to forgive!

Adrianne Jansen

Simple Reminders
After a hard day at work it is not uncommon for my husband to arrive home and catch a glimpse of a scripture verse decorating our walls, and be reminded of our faith. These special gifts are wonderful reminders and have made a huge difference in our lives.

Candy Jankowski

Mystery Cards
Cancer, surgery and radiation have often left me discouraged and down. But an anonymous gift of encouragement "cards" has reminded me of God's love. Three months of cards bearing my name, date, a verse and a hand-written comment have strengthened and lifted me up during this difficult time!

Julie Bondy