Running Low On Space? Check Out This Brilliant Hack

When this couple was running out of space in their two-bedroom townhouse, they came up with an incredible way to create a whole new room from nothing.

The Problem

The Problemlorenzocafaro /

Back in 2013, Angie and her husband were living in a two-bedroom townhouse that was lacking a playroom as well as a room that could serve as an office.

The Space

The SpaceAngie B. via ApartmentTherapy

The townhouse might not have had what Angie and her husband needed at that moment, for her and their child, but there was something that stuck out: the extensive ceiling space in their foyer that wasn't being utilized.

Going Up

Going UpAngie B. via ApartmentTherapy

When they decided to put the ceiling space to new and better use, Angie's husband and father-in-law began got started, crafting the loft from scratch.

Making It Affordable

Making It Affordablestevepb /

Sure, paying a contractor is one way to go when you want to renovate your space, but why spend the money when you have family just as capable of the same work? Angie's family chose the more cost-effective route for their project, and the results are incredible.

One Step at a Time

One Step at a TimeAngie B. via ApartmentTherapy

Once Angie's family was able to install the flooring, it was much much easier to see their idea coming to fruition, it doesn't even look like the same space as before!

Adding Some Fluff

Adding Some FluffAngie B. via ApartmentTherapy

Of course, wooden floors don't make a room, just a base. As you can see above, there was plenty added to turn the space from just plain functional to adorable and safe, including furniture, railings, and toys.

Cozy Little Nook

Cozy Little NookAngie B. via ApartmentTherapy

We'd love to see if the rest of the house is as charming as this little area. Doesn't it look like it was meant to be there from the very beginning? Note the subtle divide between the office area and playroom.

So Functional

So Functionallailajuliana /

Take a lesson from Angie's room. You can accomplish a whole lot in very little space. By lining furniture against one wall, it opens up the rest of the room.

Don't Underestimate Shelving

Don't Underestimate ShelvingPexels /

Using shelving above and to the side of a desk serves can serve as clever and stylish storage, whether for work-related belongings or a place to keep toys, as seen in Angie's final photo. If anything, remember to not be discouraged by unused empty space in your house, you might just be able to turn it into something beautiful.

Other Stair-based Storage Hacks

Other Stair-based Storage HacksInterior Design 4

Angie's family isn't the only one to approach home renovation and storage centered around their staircases. Take a look at the creative ways other people have hacked theirs to maximize storage space, like these snazzy hidden drawers.

Decorative Shelving

Decorative ShelvingPinterest

Okay, so maybe this shelving isn't meant to be as functional as it is stylish, but it's still built to fit under the stairs and it's still sleek as can be.

Double Dose

Double DoseSonshine House

In case you want ever want to climb your furniture, this shelving looks like it would definitely suffice. In addition to the little carved out spots, there's a cabinet and closet-size door for extra space.

Bathroom Nook


Harry Potter might have only had a cupboard under his staircase, but the placement of this stunning powder room is nothing short of strategically chic.

Bright Space

Bright SpacePinterest

Here's another example of how to class up your storage area. Alright, this is essentially decor, but it could definitely be used to house books. At least there's a cabinet in there too.

Oh La La

Oh La LaPinterest

There's no question about it, this is definitely one of the most stylish staircases we've had the pleasure of viewing, and functional too. Have you ever seen so many shelves?

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