When His Wife Reveals Her Ambush Makeover, It Brings Him To Tears... Wait Until You See Her Now!

She was beautiful before, but now she's STUNNING!

I love the Today Show's Ambush Makeovers! They find someone in the crowd who is in need of a makeover and they totally make their day!

This woman is out with her husband when she gets chosen. She has long beautiful hair, but is willing to let it go in order to donate it for a good cause. She insists, actually and it's such a wonderful gesture, especially since her hair is so long and gorgeous!

They take her back and do their thing, when she returns, she is even more gorgeous than she was when she arrived! Her husband loves the look so much that it brings him to tears. This is definitely one of my favorites. It comes in a close second to the one with the two sisters!

Wait Until You See What She Looks Like NOW!

She was beautiful before, but now she looks FANTASTIC!

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