Mom Poses For A Kodak Moment, But You'll Never Guess Who Shows Up In The Photo... It Blew Them Away!

What An Incredible Surprise!

Beautiful Photos!

Beautiful Photos!Facebook / My Kind of Town- St. Augustine

Angeline Mozer was 9-months pregnant at the time of this photo, when she and her husband decided to take some pregnancy photos by the beach. The couple were so excited and Angeline looked amazing in front of the gorgeous backdrop!

A Surprise Visitor!

A Surprise Visitor!Facebook / Angela Hodgson Photography

After Dan took the picture, the couple heard a large splash in the ocean behind them. Originally, Dan and Angeline did not know where the sound came from. But, then when they looked back through the photos, they were Shocked!

A Dolphin!

A Dolphin!Facebook / My Kind of Town- St. Augustine

This dolphin had jumped out of the water in perfect timing. It was as if the creature was photoshopped in it, that's how perfect it appears. The picture soon went viral and has the internet going crazy!

Pregnancy Photos That Will Be Remembered Forever!

Pregnancy Photos That Will Be Remembered Forever!Facebook / Fox 35 WOFL

Angeline and Dan had their baby a few days after the photos were taken. Needless to say, these parents will have a fun story to tell their son as he grows up! Truly a photo that will live on forever in their memories and on the internet.

Blessings go out to this family and their new member for continued joy and health! Amen!

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